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Ken Walker International University LLC was founded in 2019 with the intention to create an international university that would provide affordable, high quality professional healthcare education in Georgia for both local Georgian students along with international students. The name of the institution is in tribute to Professor Ken Walker - Professor at the Emory University School of Medicine, Neurology and Global Health, Honorary Citizen of Georgia, Greatest Friend of Georgia and Emory University agreed to collaborate with Ken Walker International University LLC, which has experience and expertise in the field of medical education. Emory University has a strong reputation for excellence in healthcare education and research and is a partner of the American nongovernmental organization "Partners for International Development" (PfID), which has implemented numerous medical education projects in Georgia.

KWIU have a strong commitment to uphold the values and examples set by Professor Ken Walker to offer affordable high-quality health care education and by focusing on both medical education and public health as key areas for research and development will lead to graduates able to serve the needs of both their patients and their populations.

Ken Walker was also committed to global health outreach. He worked in many countries and had a huge impact in the country of Georgia. It should be emphasized that the first time Professor Kennett Walker visited Georgia within the framework of the USAID program "Georgia to Georgia" in 1992. Executive Director of Partners for International Development (PFID), Walker led the Atlanta-Tbilisi Partnership, a collaboration between educational and health care institutions in the country of Georgia and the State of Georgia.

The vision of KWIU is to be a globally recognized higher education institution with a reputation as a competitive and reliable partner in the healthcare and higher education field by 2027. KWIU will focus on the implementation of educational programs harmonized with international requirements through continuous development and improvement; promotion of research activities; internationalization of educational, research and administrative processes and the development of student-centered environment through scientific, cultural, creative and cognitive development.

The Faculty of Medicine and Stomatology was established at the University for the implementation of relevant educational programs. The faculties main goal is to implement the educational programs and scientific-research activities of the University, to create and develop an educational environment in accordance with modern standards. The educational program Medicine was based on the modernized curriculum of Emory Medical School, which was modified to meet European and local requirements. The program meets the main requirements of the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) and considers local requirement of the country.

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